Island Escape: Beyond the Mirror

Navigation game first look. This is the demo scene.

Navigation first look. This was the debug/sandbox scene Рthe actual build has some nicer environment work ;).

Players of Myst and lovers of room escapes will get a kick out of this ¬†project I’m working on, where players find themselves shipwrecked on a strange island, and find an old mirror – launching them into a strange world. The further in you explore, and more puzzles you solve, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.

It’s very early stage, with the navigation and inventory systems only just newly fleshed out. It’ll eventually be targeted to mobile devices, with the possibility of run-time rendered scenes for PC. Click the play link to demo the most updated build.

Play Here (Unstable dev builds. Does NOT work in Chrome!)

Current Build Notes (May27): Added a really basic system for inventory detection and item placement in the world – you need the boards from the boat to access the tower.



Banzai Buffet

Restaurant management simulator where you play as the sole worker in a restauraunt. Cook food, do the dishes, and finance your way out of a hole and into culinary hall of fame. There’s also a talking monkey. Fun for any age, requires a gamepad to play.

Play Here

*Updated April 6, 2015*


Kazoo Kars

Try to drive a remote control car with a trailer along a challenging track without losing all of your cargo. Flipping over is death. Uses simple controls with the keyboard.

Play Here (Added soon!)