Starting Mobile Game Development – Navigation Game!

Since I’ve started working with mobile game development, I’ve begun a project to test the waters. I’m a complete green when it comes to designing a game with mobile use in mind across many different subjects. It’s pretty exciting stuff, and the people over at /r/gamedev and the unity group forums are incredibly insightful! Starting mobile game development can be a bit jarring – I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information out there.

I’ve got nothing to officially announce yet other than it’s going to be a Myst style game; You navigate through environment stills to try to discover clues about where you are and how to either escape or progress. In a few days I was able to design a system to capture stills from scene cameras and organize them for me, place and remove items from the scenes, and navigate the scenes using gestures and buttons. I’ve also crafted out a simple collapsible-list style inventory system for picking up and combining items that you find throughout. A demo of that is in the games section. Don’t expect any amazing gameplay just yet – that’ll be arriving in the coming month. Right now I’m just showing off the basic systems, and hopefully soon, some of the environments players can explore.

Navigation game first look. This is the demo scene.

A first look at the demo scene and user interface.

The next step is to start planning out story and environment. There are some really high quality assets out there that I plan to use. It’ll take some creative custom puzzle design to get the most mileage out of them. I’ll also probably re-use a lot of the outdoor stuff in both day and night scenes, provided it makes sense to. Can’t wait to see how this all looks in the new Unity 5 lighting engine – even the demo scene impressed me.

As I progress through making the game and dealing with the challenges and outcomes of publishing on the marketplace, I’ll make a RITB post to follow up.

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